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Been hitting this forum countless times when i do google searches. Started noticing pretty much every answer i am looking for is on here, so i just had to join. hehe
I drive 2 different 95 Toyota Tercels. One is actually the wife's and is automatic. Mine is a 5 speed.
I've been spending lotsa time on this forum already, so now that i am a member i can see myself spending a whole lot more time here.

I couldnt possibly remember all the things i have looked up so far, so i cant think of who all to thank already for all the help, but i guess thanks in general for all those who have been posting information on Tercels in here! Helped me a whole lot in the last 2 years.

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Welcome to TN!

Good to see that you've decided to join up and that the forums have been useful to you. I think I originally found this site through Google too :). I'm sure you know your way around here by now, but if for any reason you have any questions about the forums just let me know :thumbsup:

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