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Hey all,

My name's Andy and I've just joined the TN community. I'm a musician by trade and have been relying on my Toyota for a long time now! I have a '98 Camry CE 2.2 5-speed with about 274k that's been amazing to me, and recently picked up a '90 Camry DX 2.0 auto for my partner. The '90 was running well for a while but is experiencing a fuel/air issue at the moment which I'm hoping to get figured out soon (I'll make a separate post about that!)

I'm no mechanic but I'm familiar with basic maintenance and am comfortable doing a fair amount of things after proper research/understanding. Hopefully sharing the issues and solutions I come across will be useful to someone else too,...

I've always loved cars and when I was young I never would have thought that I'd have two Camrys, haha (though the MR2 has always been a dream..maybe one day I'll wind up with one, if they aren't all beat to hell by then).
Priorities change though (especially on a musician's budget), and the most important things to me now are reliability, cost of ownership, and fuel efficiency. My '98 has been a dream come true in these regards and I'm hoping the '90 will work out similarly.

Welp, there ya go now ya know...


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Well you've come to the right place, Tony, to do research and get help for any modding or maintenance you plan on doing. :thumbsup: Welcome to the forums, and let me know if I can help you with anything around here.
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