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Hey guys picked up a new commuter for a steal.. 97 Corolla. I like Mercedes mostly old diesels but also have a 09 c300 now it's mainly my girlfriends car lol.. I picked up an old diesel wagon this summer with a blown engine, and after swapping that and 3 transmissions later, heaven sent me a cheap Corolla that I have 100% faith will last me the winter so I can park up my wagon til it's warm again. The Corolla is black, drivers side front bumper, corner light, and fender are mildly damaged, and has 151k miles. So far I've changed the plugs, and dumped injector cleaner thru 3 tanks of fuel(150 miles a day commute mon-fri). The check engine light was on all week, now it's out but I'm sure it'll light up again lol. It's the CE model and I'm getting 29mpg, and hoping to read on here how to up those numbers a bit. I'm used to very slow cars(diesel Mercedes) so I know this Corolla will never be fast, but I think she's got potential to be a little peppier, so time will tell lol.. Anyways nice to meet you all!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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