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Hey everyone!
I just joined to learn more about car maintenance for my 2001 Camry. I recently had to do an emergency radiator swap in a somewhat remote site - luckily I had some handy friends with tools and some know-how. This prompted me to be more proactive about preventive, at-home maintenance. I plan to flush my ATF, brake lines, and power steering in the next few weeks.

I also started motorcycling last year. I bought a used 1993 Suzuki Katana 750 with a few problems. Needless to say I'm learning all about the magical beasts called carburetors. :D



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Hello, Roland, and welcome to Toyota Nation! Our 3rd and 4th Gen Camry has a lot of very knowledgeable people there who can help out with any issues, and make sure to look through the sticky threads that are chuck full of great links and information. :thumbsup:
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