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Hello from SF, CA

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Just joined today. I own a 1982 Toyota Pickup Long Bed. Have also owned a 1980. Love the reliability of these trucks, and they have been great tools for me in my trade.

Looking to get advice on various mysteries that may come up, and help others with my own experience.

Thanks, Aaron
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Welcome to the Nation :hi:, Aaron! Had an '88 a few years ago until it was broadsided :(.
Bummer, yeah my 1980 was stolen in front of my house, then subsequently totaled by vandals. Unfortunately it was a total loss, so now I am on number two.
:welcome: to ToyotaNation, Aaron! Hopefully you'll have better luck with truck number two...maybe number one just had some bad juju with it....;) Welcome aboard....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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