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Hey I'm a proud owner of a 97 Toyota American Edition Camry LE 4 cylinder. This has been a great car up until today it developed a serious miss and I,m not sure what it is. I checked all of the wires and there firing and checked all the plugs, facing the engine it was the 3rd cylinder starting from the left, the plug was black so I know its not firing properly, then checked it by testing for spark and its a good plug...Thinking maybe water in the gas, so I put a can of heet in ithe tank and $20.00 worth of gas and drove it home from work and nothing... Thats why I'm in here to try and get some advice as where to trouble shoot next... could it be a timing belt issue, fuel injector, 02 sensor,, well I'm going to go to auto zone and code it and see if I get any positive results.. This car has been flawless since 99 the only thing I've replaced on the engine is a waterpump... other than oil, fluids, and tune up stuff like plugs and wires, etc....Seriously could use a techs advice on this......Also here to meet interesting toyota fanatic's like myself..I work at the The leader in headlight technology NAL North American Lighting Toyota's leading supplier of headlamps for the Camry and Tacoma and lots of other Fog lamps Etc...In North America Its a Division of the Koito Corp... Enjoy!!

Thanks Bluedilly
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