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Hello to everyone here!

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Hi readers and users of these forums,

I signed up today. I own a '97 RAV4 which I got in 2000 from a relative who didn't use it very much and who took good care of it anyway. Since 2000, it's been fine for me, taking me very long distances on various adventures: thousands of miles to and from the far eastern end of Newfoundland, to and from the Eastern Seaboard, and to and from the glorious Rockies (where I once lived). Now I'm between the East Coast and the Rockies.

I have a RAV4 problem now but only at night when the headlights are on. See my posting in the RAV4 forum. [The problem is with the turn signal-headlight control arm.]

See you in the forums!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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