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Hello Toyota Nation!

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Hi! I wanted to say hello to our fellow Toyota owners, and introduce ourselves briefly. I started Adam's Polishes 8 years ago, after a career of detailing that began in 1981.

Today, we have a small line of premium car care products, which represent the best in category of each we participate, both in quality and ease-of-use. If you maintain your own vehicles, you will appreciate the quality of our cleaners, polishes, dressings, instructional detailing videos, microfiber products, and Detail Kits. While more expensive that the store bought brands, ours are 110% guaranteed to outperform all competing products.

In fact, everything in our line is backed with a lifetime 110% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. We realize it takes time and effort to purchase products, which is why we offer an additional 10% on top of our guarantee, which covers tax and shipping too! In 8 years, we have issued 8 refunds. Six of those were Detail Kits returned completely used.

I'd like to invite you to ask any questions in this forum, or via email: [email protected]. We are here to help you in every way possible with all of your car care needs. Often, you'll see us recommend products that are not our own, so you can achieve a goal or surface perfection.

Please visit our website,, and watch our streaming instructional videos, browse detailing products, and if you choose to try any of our products, please use the discount code: TN That's good for 10% off everything on our online store.

BTW, ours is a 2007 4Runner Limited, and we absolutely love it!

Thanks again for having us, and please, if we can help in any way, just ask.

Adam Pitale:thumbsup:
Founder, Detailer
Adam's Polishes, Inc.
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Welcome to TN and thank you.

Thanks Adam. I'll be trying out some Adam's products soon.

O boy, just placed my first order!! Thanks for the discount!
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