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Well, this is an interesting site! I am amazed at the information being shared on here. I hope to become part of this HUGE community.

A few things about me, if you care to know:

I have worked for a Toyota dealership for 15 years. I started 3 days after graduating high school, and have moved through the service department ranks. I am currently the service manager. I actually wanted to work for a Honda dealer, but they wouldn't hire me! Several years later, I am happy to be Toyota. They were still a smaller company when I strarted.

I have owned countless Toyota's, and worked on too many to count. First Toyota? 1992 2x4 pick-up. Current Toyota? 1993 Camry V6 XLE that I checked in off the truck in 1993. Weird hey? Toyota missed the most? 1982 Tercel 2dr....good times with that car!

Access to too much information, and have seen evertything break. I still think Toyota is the strongest car company.

Thanks for letting me in on your scene!
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