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2007 Toyota Camry Le 2.4 no heat crazy !
Hey Gents..

I have a Toyota 2007 Camry LE 2.4 185k runs great except for today....I turned my heat on and it ran warm/hot for 10-20 seconds then turned cool (not hot/or even warm). All levels fluid okay, check hoses one coming from top of engine (going to top of radiator) consistently was hot and the one from the bottom of radiator was hot for a second or two then turn cool while heater was running full blast.. Outside temp here in NH is about 44 degrees. I have been told by the local parts store that it is a restrictive heater core, another man said it is the thermostat and yet another said it is door not opening...Merry Xmas to me and my head is spinning Any help out there would gladly be appreciated very very much
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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