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Help.! 92 Camry 2.2 1200 idle speed

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Hi guys i have just bought a 92 2.2L Camry. at teh first few days it was running perfectly no probs at all. but since This week Tuesday the idle speed (after warm up *2min) kept running at 1200rpm no droping. What might the possible problem. could it be any faulty sensor or vacuum valves?
please help me out..Thnx
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Idler screw might have moved. The engine temp sensor might not be working, and that would cause the engine to continue idling high.

Does it continue to idle high even after driving for a while?
thnx for the info...but also could it be the EGR?
exhaust gas recirculator (not 100% on the acronym) - it takes unburned gas and sends it back into the engine to burn - cuts down on emissions. 95% sure it has nothing to do with that.

Possibly could be your alternator spinning too much. When at idle, flash your high beams. If you hear the rpm go up slightly (barely noticeable, but I've spent 50k miles in mine so I can tell when its off), you more than likely have an alternator problem.
but my RPM just when up more today...the idle almost reach to 2000rpm...really i have no idea about wat is going on...the Coolant Temp sensor i think is ok..cuz it still sends signal to turn on the fan and the coolant gage reads properly...the Idle i guess nothin to do with that...cuz this car is computer and vacuum operated...wat else could caust that is switch into gears with that..i'll kill the tranny very quick...please help me out guys...thnx..
Your car still has an idler screw even if it is computer operated. Every car does. It allows for minor adjustments without going into the ECU.

Take it to a shop man. Have then run a scan on the ECU and see what codes come up. Cause for sure, some will.
ok sure ! ...thnx...i guess taking the car to the shop is the only thing i can do now...thnx
Vaccum leak maybe. The hole just get bigger everyday, that why it idle higher everyday. Broken hose or cracked manifold:(
can you specified wat type of vacuum leak it might be?...or if the intake manifold crached...can it be fixed or how much may cost to replaced?
Could be any of those rubber hose connecting to the intake minfold. Maybe the manifold is cracked. You'll need to replace the cracked manifold :( Junkyard should give you good price on one. Go buy a can of throttle body cleaner or carb cleaner if you got carb. Start the engine, let it idle. Spray the cleaner on the hose and intake manifold. If the engine stall, there is a leak right where you spray.
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