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HELP: Coil Spring Mount Rusted Out on 1991 SR5

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Hello all

On the 1991 SR5 the top of the rear coil springs mount up in a cylindrical "bracket" attached to the frame. I guess the purpose of these brackets is to keep the coil from shifting sideways under load.

On my vehicle these brackets are rusted out; the descending portion of the left one is essentially gone while the right one is badly corroded. I have attached some photos of the left and right sides.

I have three questions on this:

1) How serious is this? Will is there a danger that the coil spring will "pop out" under normal (ie not extreme off-road) driving conditions?

2) Is the vertical travel of the rear axle sufficiently constrained by shock absorber to prevent the spring from coming out or shifting?

3) Any ideas on how to repair this - can the bracket be replaced? How is it fastened on (welded, riveted , bolted etc)? Is it even practical to repair.

All comments welcome and appreciated with thanks.


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