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HELP Fault Reader

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Hello guys im going out of my head trying to get a code reader that will read/scan codes on a 2002 Rav4 d4d diesel 2.0l engine......Can someone please tell me what scanner i need so i can find out why my engine management light is on and also other stuff i want to check.. They has to be a obd that will work on older cars.. I have tried a few but will not connect as they only support 2004 diesels onwards!.....Its driving me insane with conflicting people saying this will work and it will not lol. PLEASE HELP. Thanks Russ
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Do you know what Protocol it uses (I couldn't find it, but) Maybe use this article as reference and figure out which protocol your Rav takes and find a scanner to match and see if it will read a diesel. Odd that the 2004's are well represented but not 2002!

Hi pal im un sure but thank you so much for the reply. if i take a good picture would it help you?
To be honest, not really since my truck is OBD1 and that's what I'm familiar with. From what I've read the scanners required for your application appear to be more the Professional grade than the DIY'er. So of course more expensive. The diesel Toyota's in general aren't that common in the US but I did think you'd get more responses. Still might. If I find something I'll rattle your cage.
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