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Help finding parts and need recommendations.

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Hi question for everyone. I was just given an 89 Camry LE 4cyld 2wd Automatic trans which the body is in good shape, but the engine is cooked.

I plan on replacing the motor with one from which they have listed for $1270 for another 3SFE

I'm also replacing the flywheel, motor mounts, trans mount, radiator which is missing, distributor which is missing, all belts and hoses, spark plugs and wires, all gaskets and seals on the motor and upgrading to the smaller torque converter used in the 91 Camrys which is supposed to be better for the drive train and increase overall reliability according to a Toyota mechanic

There might be a problem where the guard protecting the wires going to the altinator and the compressor is melted where it runs past the valve cover. Does anyone know if this section comes undone to be replaced anywhere behind the motor or does the whole wiring harness has to be replaced if the wires inside this gaurd are bad? I don't want to have any splices in the wiring.

What other recomendations do you have that I might be missing that should be changed and also to improve reliability, make it run better than stock and to keep or improve the gas milage. I'm not so much looking to boost HP.

Another question where can I find parts at a decent price? I'm looking for new or rebuilt parts. It seems like parts are hard to find online for this car and only a few places other than the chain retailers have them.

I used to have an 89 Camry LE before as my first car so I plan on keeping this new one for a long long time for sentimental value.
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you need to go junkyarding and get an engine harness if yours is bad, get same year and setup, the harness runs all over the powertrain then through the firewall to the AC amp and ecu and a couple other places behind the glove box, and get a 3sge ex manifold and downpipe off a celica gts and slap that on it for better power
you can get a used JDM 3sfe for less than 1200$
A JDM 3SFE is more like $515.
Before changing out the torque converter make sure that it won't have an impact on the ECU computer. When you change one component like that it can have effects that you didn't intend.

Ebay is a great parts source. Be prepared to get burned occassionally but you usually do OK.

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