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Pulling the engine on the wife's wrecked 98 Avy for an MR2 project.

I have everything disconnected and ready to go. Thought I could remove the axles from the hubs and pull the engine/trans with the axles attached, but they hit the body.

I don't see anything holding them in, but prying & pulling does nothing.

Do I need to unbolt all the bolts around where it goes into the trans or something?

And the passenger side... do I need to remove the mount from the block too?


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The later Gen1's came with "snap in" axles. There's a circlip (basically a wire hoop) on the inside that retains them. Pull out evenly and briskly, and they're supposed to let loose. The one on the passenger side has a carrier bearing that is often rusted into the mount badly, so either torch the axle off, or try to remove the mount from the motor... But I kinda remember there's a problem getting to the bolts? Maybe not, with the motor half-pulled?
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