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Help I Need Headers For A 1989 Celica Gts Liftback

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Can anyone help me with finding a header for my 1989 Toyota Celica GTS Liftback? I have been searching the web and all I can find are heades for the GT or ST models but nothing for the GTS! I am replacing a broken motor in my GTS and I want to upgrade both my exhaust system and my intake. I am looking for "tried and true" parts that have been used successfully by other people with same make,model and year as my car. Any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated! Thanks alot. Bobalooey1962
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This may help you find it..............

I have had success with utilizing JC Whitney 1-800-603-4383 for obtaining parts I needed. I was just on their website and saw a pacesetter performance Header Kits for 4,6, or 8 cyc, custom fit for 1989 Toyota Celica GTS priced very reasonably for $156.89-$261.99. Check it out and Good Luck!
Your best choice for a header upgrade would be to look for a 2nd gen 3sge stock header. Next best choice would be to go with a stock Camry 5sfe header. Make sure you look for a tubular one. The pacesetter will not work. The starter will be in the way as it does sit right under the exhaust manifold. Unless you find someone who can make you a custom header, the 2nd gen 3sge stock header would be your best choice.
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