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help in identifying harness connectors in RH kick panel

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hi guys,

I need urgent help in identifying names/codes for connectors as in below pic taken at passenger (RH) kick panel.
car is 2002 Camry Solara 3.0L 1mz-fe california specs (auto, immobil, ABS, no TRACtion control).

I cannot find any electrical diagrams describing all connectors with wires colors and destinations. as you can see I have 2 sockets compeltely empty (i hope that is for Traction control ECU which i don't have) and one is rewired compeltely and last one in question has only one wire connector in it, WTF ?

thanks in advance.

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Well....where do the wires go? Haha. I'm willing to bet one of those is for the speakers.
heh, i can take that into consideration :)

however I need to have all those connectors/sockets named, so i can check the diagrams and know in which circuits (that i have problems with) those play a role ...

I pray they are all irrelevant to my issues though ;)

BTW, does anybody know of any kind of electrical diagrams/schematics that would show all connectors as they look like, wire colors in them and where they go ?
problem with Toyota Electrical Wiring Diagrams is that it shows each circuit alone and those connectors sometimes appear on those schematics on wires ... makes it kinda hard to tell what is what unless you carefully look through ALL diagrams and make notes on each connector alone ...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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