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HELP!!! JDM swap

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so im swapping a JDM 96 4AGE blacktop into my 95 Celica st and one among many problems im having is wat do i do about the throttle cable. its too short becuz i have the throttle coming out the opposite side of the firewall. is there an extension kit availible for JDM swaps??? do i need to buy a longer throttle cable??? or am i just royally screwed??? thanx for any input.
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Estimate how long you need, then look around in a wrecking yard.
Most Toyota accelerator cables are compatible - just different lengths.
A couple of inches too long is okay.

- Stepho

go to theres tons of ppl who have done the swap.(including the creator of the site. coomer...) post the topic and your question will be answered b4 the day is over.
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