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Help me diagnose engine noise *video clips*

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I took 2 vids, one from my 1987 Camry, and one from my 2001. The 2001 has some type of bearing noise and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I took both belts off, but the engine sounded exactly the same (belts are on in the video)

Sorry for the audio quality, all I have is a crappy still camera that happens to take (poor) videos. It's a bit hard to tell from the videos, but listen for a "whine" on the 2001. The '97 sounds louder but actually it isn't and the engine sounds quieter at idle than my 2001. The 2001 was a bit cooler at start so the engine runs faster, but it needed to be cold because the noise dies down somewhat when the engine heats ups. Have a listen: (files are in DivX format with mp3 audio)

2001 Camry video
1987 Camry video

Is that a normal engine sound for the 2001? It sounds loud to me and has that annoying whine. It can't be heard when driving the car though... (car has 81,000 kilometers)
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My '96 has made that exact same sound since I got it. I don't know what it is, but i've had the car for over a year and it hasn't gotten worse.

At first I thought it was a vacuum leak, but it increases in pitch with engine RPM. If you've taken both belts off and it continues, it's not an accessory. I'll try to track it down on my car, because I haven't really tried that yet. I don't know really where to start, so i'll just get me engine steth out and have a go at it :D
hmmmm well It sounds metalic to me, a bearing noise. So I guess the only thing it could be is a timing belt pully bearing, what else? The thing has too few clicks though to make noise IMO. My 20 year old beater shouldn't have a more quiet engine!

Let me know if your diagnosis finds anything.
This kinda sounds like the noise my 98 I4 is making. I have 102k miles on it and have never changed the timing belt. I am thinking it has somthing to do with that or the tensioner.

The best way I can describe it is almost like a rattle sound...coming from the left side of the engine bay, where the t-belt is located. Also, does your's only do it upon start up?? Once mine is warmed up it quits and doesnt come back until it is a cold start.
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