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Help me out here please (lowering springs)

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Guys, I'm finally lowering the cam...

Which kind to buy: Eibach Pro Kit, Tein S tech, TRD (who makes TRD?), etc. Also, I have the 4 cylinder so the shocks might be different. Did anyone with a 4 banger change their springs, if so did you change the shocks or do you find them good enough.

Thanks guys, normally I wouldnt ask, but I searched and theres too much to go through. The type of springs to buy and whether or not I need shocks concerns me most.

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TRD = Eibach, but more expensive.

Teins drop you a little bit more than Eibachs will, and they're a little less expensive, but the quality is about equal. I'm on Teins and I love 'em.

As far as replacing the shocks/struts... I have put on about 16,000 miles on my car since I lowered it. When I lowered it, I had 62,000 miles on the car, original struts and all. Currently, my struts are doing just fine, but thats mainly because I'm smart and I go slow on dips and bumps, thereby minimizing the amount of times I've bottomed out since lowering (which I think is probably about 5 times total, which is pretty good).
^Have to agree with Mike. I have put about 20,000 miles on the Tein S springs and still feel good.
I love my prokit, not to brag or anything but with my original tires it would probably feel like stock, but i got 20s with low pro tires and it still feels good and all, i was actually surprised when i got them on, i thought i was going to be able to feel everything but it wasent like that. As far as struts, i got the KYB on the car. It is all good.

jus wondering, what kind of places/stores install lowering springs and/or shocks 4 you at a good price? i doubt anyone has gone to like Pep Boys or a toyota service shop to have them done. holler!
I went to the neighborhood shop and paid $70. I was just lazy, it's not hard to do.
Yeah, did it myself. Not hard.
You can rent a spring compressor from Autozone for like $15.
I have been on the Tein S springs for about 25K miles now and they still feel great. I couldn't be happier!

As for installing them check out a local HS or community college around you that might offer an auto shop class and they can do it for you for as low as $15. I had a buddy of mine at my college do them for me while i was in class one day.
Thanks guys, thats what I like to hear. I was really concerned with the stock struts but seems like all is good.

Any of you guys got issues with the exhaust pipe in the rear scraping??? (the part that goes under the rear control arm)?
Yea mine scrapes a bit...depending on the severity of the dip or what not...i've been on tein s techs witha 2 in drop and am loving it...btw i'm using stock struts as well. As far as wasn't hard..but time consuming in that i broke 2 sockets on the day of thanksgiving, so technically it took me 2 days to complete the lowering, lol.
is there a quality issue between Tein and eibach?
not sure if it's still an issue but if you're going s-techs, get them from a reputable seller.
there were fake teins going around...alot of them on ebay. i got mine off of ebay but was lucky they were authentic

quality wise, both the teins and eibachs are great
cuttooth said:
there were fake teins going around...alot of them on ebay. i got mine off of ebay but was lucky they were authentic
True. Forgot about that.
yah i heard something about that. thanks for the heads up, i'd grab em from a shop i deal with and i know they wouldnt be bootleg.

thanks guys, you'll be the first to see the finished product.
Nothing wrong with either or...although in my experience and what i've heard...teins ride a bit smoother...where as eibachs not as smooth.
i have been in a camry with the teins its pretty much the same to my camry. I have the trd(eibach) with some low profile(40) tires and the ride is still smooth except for those damn potsholes haha. The teins will drop you more, but i think they are design for the 4 cylinder camry someone correct if i am wrong. But either tein or eibach you cant go wrong
Teins only make lowering springs for the gen 5 up to 03 and ends at 03. Which is about a 1.7 inch and 1.5" drop. The eibachs are like 1.5 all around. The only reason i have teins on my 04 is that the solara and the 04 and up gen5 and 5.5 cuse the same strut assembly. So i ordered my tein solara springs. I think the total drop is liek 2.1 in front and 2 in rear.
i take it that having the heavier motor of the v6 would just amount to a lower drop in the front.
the eibachs have same part number for v6 and i4, but registers a 2inch drop for v6 and 1.5 for i4.

anyways, i get it, thanks.
The TRDs are 1.25 all around or at least thats what it said on the website, i haven't measured it before though. The front is lower though due to the v6 =O :) that's what i have.
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