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Help me out?

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im looking at 1990 pickup, 2.4l 4 banger, 5 spd, 4x4. 237k miles.

here are the images from the ad.

he advertised 2800 obo, got him down to 2500 and i offered 2200.
It needs:
4 tires (bald)
exhaust leaks
E-brake cable.

me and dad went out and drove it. 4x4 works (found some farmers land, locked the hubs in, and dumped the clutch and mud went flying :D) and seemed to drive real good. clutch was good and shifted very easy. Owner said the previous owner changed the timing belt, im assuming the little plastic guide as well since i've heard bad news about those.

I would be using this truck going to and from school (30 min one way) and it is mostly highway driving. What can you tell form the info i posted and the (crappy) pictures? I cant find these trucks for the same price to save my life. They are either $4k+ or 300+k miles.
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i also checked under the bed for rust in the frame rails. There was some surface rust, but nothing too major. looked pretty clean for a 18 year old truck.

Ran the carfax when i got home, came out clean but who knows.
If the timing chain has been changed like you said and it feels good. thats a pretty decent price. 4x4's dont go cheap! Grab that sucker up! Yeah if theres any frame rust just scrape it off and coat it. :) you'll be set.
I would suggest a 2wd since you said you will be commuting. Everybody thinks they need the old mighty 4wd...but in reality how many of those people ACTUALLY use it? I have used my 2wd way more than anybody I know...and I have used it well. Plus, with a 2wd you'll be getting 25+ mpg. Or, you can buy a 4wd and probably get 18-20's your choice. It looks like a nice truck though. Good luck!
4wd is a must. i live on a horse farm out in the sticks and the weather can get nasty out here.

i asked the owner about the gas mileage. he said aobout 20, which is normal i guess. but i forgot to ask if that was city or highway. if its city mpg then thats WAY better then im getting now.
grab it up then. It's a rad truck for a deal
Also, it looks like the colors don't match (I.E. front fender and hood to door).
i didnt notice that in person, may be the picture? im not saying its not possible tho
yeah...mine was wrecked and the front fenders + hood was repainted as you can tell....
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