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Help ME!!!!

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I've found an 89 Camry that has had the front mushed.


Is all of the bolt on for this engine the same as the celica? 3sfe.

Please Help

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Depends. Intake should be good. Header will bolt-on but down pipe may be wrong length.
hmmm.. if there both 3sfe, isn't the block the same?

Its awesome that you replied so quickly.

sorry if my last post seems blunt, its been a long day :)

any help is much appreciated.
Still depends. The cat and exhaust pipe may have different location but a muffler shop will be able to get it to work. Then its not bolt-on anymore.
Spark plug wire should work.
Beside that, I don't know what other bolt-on you can get. Pulleys?
Awesome, Thanks!

What does the catalytic converter look like?
Its snugged up to the stock exhaust manifold, held on by three bolts and probably under a heat sheild.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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