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sk00beed00beed0 said:
Hi folks,
I love my Tc. I just got it a few days ago. I love everything about it but I am curious about one thing. The mp3/cd player is great does not seem to have very good quality, at least not as good as the radio. Has anyone else experienced this? My old mp3 player on my former car was sort of cheap and I think it had better quality than my Tc radio. I do like the sound, I don't want to complaint too much, but I am wondering if I got a bad cd/mp3 player or is it that all Tcs have this problem. Also, I can play mp3s or regular cds but the quality is still poor or not as good as the radio. Please let me know if you have this problem too.

okay you might not know of the hidden feature of the radio.. there are different audio modes.. hold the SSP button down.. then using your volume control, rotate to show different cars.. like it will say CAR TYPE : tC.. then CAR TYPE : xA.. then CAR TYPE : xB.. once you get to a different CAR TYPE.. you can then hit the SSP button to select it.. by going through these different modes you can get the audio to sound a LOT BETTER!!! the tC mode is terrible, plain and simple.. i have my tC set on CAR TYPE : xB.. much better bass and treble, not to mention a lout LOUDER! :)

Now once you have that settled.. the next feature is turning on the SRT feature.. this is to bring out better sound from the MP3's.. without it, MP3's are lifeless and dull.. it's reached by going into the audio settings and turning it on.. your car stereo manual can tell you how to do this..

If you've changed the car type to something other than tC.. and you've turned the SRT (sound re touch) function.. oh the SRT is only for mp3's.. not regular cd's..

but if you've done all that, and even played regular cd's.. and the radio still sounds better than even a regular cd.. then i would go to the dealer sit in another tC and pop those cd's in there.. prove to the dealer your car doesn't sound as good as what they have there.. then yeah then they would get you another radio..

but try the stuff i suggested first :)
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