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HELP! O/D Switch Relocation

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ok i searched to no luck, i know how to relocate the switch and everything, but where do i get the parts for it - like the toggle switch and the panel that goes under the igntion by the steering wheel? and...what kind of speaker wire are we talking about?

anyone help, please?:confused:
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the switch is easy, radio shack has them.

if you'll notice the O/D wires are really really thin, and it's not like they're not hot wires. radio shack should have them as well, just ask the sales people.
what would you ask them?

"i need an overdrive switch and overdrive wires?":confused:
thnx for the help. radioshack eh. hm...
hm. how to explain this..

there's a few different types of switches as well, you dont want to get the wrong one.

ok, how's this.. this is the switch i got at radio shack and it works:

the ones that dont work are the ones where you have to hold down to activate or deactivate.

about the wires.. speaker wire usually 2 wires side by side. red and black most of the time, just mesh one O/D wire and red together and seal it with the heavy tape. do the same for the other, and connect the other ends to the switch.
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um...where is the switch?
initial-T said:
um...where is the switch?
to the right of the lower cig. lighter
better yet you can just always have OD on... why would you want to turn it off? just gun your gas and there's the return of the 3rd gear :p
why not buy levoc or razo w/ od?
those knobs are too tall for my taste :p
you can always cut the shaft.. i did that for my razo and it looks ok..
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