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help on mods to a 92 celica

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I have a 1992 celica gt, I am looking to put a few mods on my car. I am having trouble finding a header, exaust (not pace setter), and a carbon fiber hood, if any one knows where I cand find any of them please let me know it would be greatly app. Also, I need cheap ways to gain power/speed, and tail lights.
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Taillights you can "redout", there is no aftermarket tails, unless you get JDM taillights. As for power, swap is the easiest way to make power, as for bolt ons, intake, exhaust. HKS makes an exhaust for it, go to, or do a search on the net.

As for the intake, Iceman cold air use to be avail, I think they went out of business. I beleive you can use a either a 95 mitsubishi galant or a 92-95 civic intake pipe, and just use a universal cone. Depends on how much you wanna spend, look around on the net, plus there are a few homemade mods that can be done. Good luck.

As for the hood, you might have to look into getting that custom made, my suggestion on that one, is look for an alltrac hood, the scoop will keep the motor a lil more cooler(not drastically different) and at least your one step closer if a swap ever happens to be considered.
There is a online store that makes CF hoods for the 5th gen Celica, problem is... I dont have/remember the URL. :hammer:

now the UK OC reckon its $650 but negotioating for £350 ($640 woo hooo!!)

sure its got to be cheaper than that... :)

now thats a nice hood :thumbup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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