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I purchased the crimestopper remote start and keyless entry system for my 2006 Corolla about a month ago and finally got around to installing it. I started by downloading the wirechart and tipsheet, then did all the necessary steps to attach the t-clamps and attach all of the cables for the 6-pin power harness and other various connections. Me and my buddy finished all the connections and tripple checked all of them. For some reason, the modules were not getting any power, and the entire system would not work. There are two LEDs that theoretically should turn on displaying that the connections are good, but neither the one on the brain or the bypass module will show any signs of them working.

After this, I grabbed a multimeter to see if something was funky with the power delivery for the 6-pin power harness, but everything seemed to check out and deliver 12 volts. This is my first time ever doing something like this before, so I may have done something wrong. I included images of some of the areas we made connections.

I also would like to add that when I tried testing the system, I noticed that when the car was on, the doors would not lock, they would just automatically switch back to the unlocked position if locked.
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