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First off i am sorry. I did a serch a few times but came up with nothing. I am looking for a break down of all the toyota motors/engen codes. I am very new to toyota i am a honda guy. But i am tryin to learn this new language u guys call toyota. Feel free to flame i am the new guy here.

P.S. were is the spell check on this forum???????????:hammer:

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No spell check.... everyone makes mistakes... why not let us laugh at them :D

I can shoot a few off of my head.... I'll start with my cars... then go to what I know ;)


5MGE - in MKII Supra's
5SFE - in Camrys, Celicas, MR2's... etc.
3SGTE - single turbo engine in MR2's and Celicas.
7MGTE - single turbo engine in Cressidas and MKIII Supras
1JZGTE - twin turbo engine in MKIII Supras (japan only)
2JZGTE - twin turbo engine in MKIV Supras
1ZZ - VVTi engine in newer Celicas and MR2 (MRS)
2ZZ - VVTLi engine in newer Celica GTS... should have been in the MR2... made it into the Lotus Elise.
1MZFE - V6 in the later model Camry's

There is more.... I just can't think of them right now....

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I know the Scion ones:

2AZ-FE -Current tC, Camry, Highlander (2.4L ~160hp/160tq)
1NZ-FE -Current xA, xB, Echo (1.5L ~108hp/105tq)

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Here is a link to common Toyota vehicle Identification:

Here is an Engine id link:

Chasis codes:


3SFE 2.0l 4cyl commonly found in 2nd gen (87-91) camrys
3RZ-FE 3rd gen (96-02) 4Runner 4cyl
5VZ-FE 3rd gen4Runner 3.4l v6 and also Tundra v6
2UZ-FE Tundra 4.7l V8
1MZ-FE Camry and Solara 3.0l V6
5S-FE Camry and Solara 4cyl

Hope this helps!
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