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help please ... sr-5

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hiya, well im 15 and im planning to buy a car and i decided, eh why not a rolla. so i was lookin at an auto trader and saw a 1991 corolla sr-5. what info can you give me on it? is it like a gt model or somthing? what problems usualy come up? thanks.
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Sr5 is the more economy-oriented version, while the gts is peppier. If you want to make it fast, save yourself the trouble and get a gts as you'll end up swapping for a new motor anyways (most likely a 4age out of a gts).

Bottom line, if you want a reliable daily driver, go for the sr5 you found. If you want to build up a nice relatively quick car, you'll likely want to wait and find a gts.
thanks for that info, also I wanted to know what's the difference between a (ae86) and (ae92)? what do those mean? what's the difference between a regular gts and a gts ae86 or 92? I'm just wondering what that extra ae86 means if it means anything at all or are all gts's labeled with ae86 etc.

also what's the difference in horsepower from the sr5 motor and gts?

oh yea another question, from what yrs were the gts made? is it 84-87? did they pretty much stay the same every yr? were there any big changes. as you can probably tell I don't know jack about the gts but i'm very interested to learn more. thanks in advance for your assistance.

I believe my fellow AE92 owner Ren answered your question regarding the difference between AE86/AE92, and GTS/SR5

I personally own a 1990 SR5. The differences between the GTS and the SR5 are very noticible.

Here are things that are standard on the GTS and not available on a standard SR5.

- Engine size and options (twin cam a, etc. )
- Side skirts
- Rear spoiler
- Rear disc brakes (rather than drums on the SR5)
- Dual top exhaust.
- More aggressive front seats.
- different steering wheel and cluster (guages), (Oil pressure, Battery charge) which are not available on the SR5.
- And rear speakers.

I think that pretty much covers all?
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