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HELP Please Tranmission won't shift after CD player hookup

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Hello everyone, Can someone help me, I was installing a cd player in my '93 Corolla and a fuse under the hood blew, see pic below, anyway after replacing the fuse the car will not shift out of park and and I don't have current to the player. Car starts fine, will not shift out of park, i think another fuse is blown but I don't know where it might be. I've looked at the ones in the ,drivers side kickpanel.
I do have current at the radio to the blue wire/yellow stripe all the time
thanks a lot for any suggestions

this fuse under the hood was replaced and is good
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Do not have the data on this model.

Check the following fuses (if you have them): Dome, Cig/Radio, ECU-IG, Stop.

You can bypass the shift lock. Look on the shift console near the shifter for a small tab, cover or slot. Remove the tab or cover and use a small blade screwdriver to push down on the plastic tab. When pushed down shift out of park. You can then operate the trans but will need to repeat this process each you want to move the selector out of park.

The shift lock has an electric solenoid lock. The brake pedal needs to be pushed (hence checking the brake fuse) and key on for it to operate. Depending on the car it may receive power from the Cig/Radio, ECU-IG and Stop fuses. Check your stop lights to see if they work.

Most likey you also blow another fuse. The radio usually has two fuses, Dome and Cig/Radio or something like Radio on the name.

And make sure you have found all the fuse boxes, Toyota spreads them around,may have one under the dash drivers side.
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and that is why you take unhook the battery before doing any electrical work, or did you?
White, I hate to say I didn't unhook the battery, but i didn't....I know better, thanks toyomoho, i'm still trying to find the problem....
Shift lock fuse is on inside block kind of by itself. I think it is a 15 or 20.
How did you manage that?
"Shift lock fuse is on inside block kind of by itself" Anyone have any idea where this might be? its not the fuse panel on the left kick panel is it?? or is it??
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