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help~ plug wires w/ DistributorLess System

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Hey everyone, I got a dumb question.. Where do I find the other 3 sparkplug wires..... I went to get a new set of plug wires for my 97 T100 w/3.4L V6 today and there were only 3 wires in the box, the 3 were for the left side with connection to the ignition coils.. why were there not all 6 wires in the box??

I suspect the other 3 sparkplug wires comes with a new Distributor-Less Ignition System that I will also have to buy??? anyone know this for sure??

While I know a bit about mechanics, enough to build a couple 302 boss eng for my Mustang, I have NEVER delt with a distributorless system before and everytime I have bought new plug wires all of them were in the box!! Is changing this with a new distributor system something I might would be better off letting Toyota do or is it easy enough I can do??

I have a Haynes Repair Manual for the T100 but it has no answer to my questions..

Thanks for any help..
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The 3.4 uses what is called a lost spark system. This means that two plugs fire at the same time. Your coils are on the right hand side of the engine, mounted directly on the sparkplugs, and the plug wires go from those coils to the other side. You will only have three 5mm plug wires in the set.
Thanks, that helps a great deal... After reading your reply I went out and had a real good look at the wiring system, guess I should have done that first rather than having a look see at the Hanyes Book which just confused the heck out of me..

Now that I understand how it's wired I'm sure changing the wires out won't be all that difficult.. Looks easy enough..

Thanks again,

Don't fegit to take some piccies of the truck and stuff...and post them. :D
Firing order and connection pattern?

Does anyone have what the Firing order is for the 1995 T100 3.4L DOHC along with the coil/wire pattern as to what right hand coils are connected to the left hand plugs? I am having a Pre-ignition (spark knock, dieseling) problem under acceleration. I have changed out the plugs twice, have changed fuel filter, PCV valve, cleaned the intake with sea foam, cleaned the throttle body, Cleaned the Mass Air Flow Sensor, cleaned the K&N Air filter, ran tons of Injector cleaner through it w/o any improvements.

I am currently running Bosch IR Fusion plugs, were running NGK prior. I have tried running higher octane fuel with Turbo 108 added (double strength) and it did not seem to help.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I have not changed the coil boots or the wires yet. Could this be the probem or possibly the coils?
On some models, the 3.4L is equipped with EGR, is yours one of them? All 3.4L are equipped with knock sensors, so under most operating situation there shouldn't be any Pre-ignition concern. Do you know what you fuel trim is running at? A lean fuel trim is more prone to pre-ignition.

By the way, the numbers on the plug wire is the cylinder numbers. #1, #3, #5 cylinders on the right bank and #2, #4, #6 on the left bank.

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