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Help replacing heated driver's side mirror

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I have an '06 4wd V6 HL with a winter weather package and my driver's side mirror is cracked and the housing is nicked.

I found the heated mirror online and would like to replace it myself.

Can anyone help direct me? The door molding is very snug and I don't want to damage it by trying to remove it.

Any help would be great! Thanks!
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Here's an exploded view for you. When you remove the triangular piece of plastic on the opposite side of the door from the mirror, you'll see the three bolts that hold it on. On some models the plug is there as well, and on some produced earlier in the year the wire goes down behind the door panel, so removal is required. If that's the case, look at the diagram, remove the indicated bolts and the door handle, and then give a good tug around the edge of the panel. Should pop loose and give you access to the connector. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help!

One more question - to remove the triangular piece opposite the mirror, is it best to use a flat head screwdriver? If not, can you suggest the best tool?

Thanks again!
Yeah, a flat head will work just fine. It's held in by a couple of plastic clips, so it should pop right off.
If you use a flathead screwdriver, wrap the point in a couple layers of masking tape so you don't nick the plastic or the paint. I have an old wooden spatula from the early days of teflon fry pans which works well, and Harbor Freight tools sells a set of plastic pry bars for upholstery/trim removal, which would be the best. Getting the door handle bezel off is really tricky. Maybe some other poster can tell us the right way to do it...the "Toyota way."
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