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I actually have a 1994 Toyota Sr5 pickup, but the alternator in the T100 is the same as is in mine. Anyhow, it caught fire the other day (it's run like a dream up until now) and I quickly put it out, but the alternator and pigtail connector wires got damaged.

I found the alternator at Autozone, but can't find the pigtail wires. I've been looking on the internet and have found generic 3 way pigtail wires on Ebay, Amazon and Walmart that say "fits Toyota Suzuki" and that's about it.

Is this an interchangeable part? Does anyone have any experience with it?

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Welcome to the forums! :)

One option would be to visit a parts yard and snag the alternator connector/harness from any of the vehicles that would work as a donor. ;)

The pigtail connector on eBay/Amazon will work just fine. Like this, correct? Yes, they are interchangeable as Susuki used Nippodenso parts on their vehicles, too! ;)
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