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Help replacing the tail lamp assembly

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Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to replace the driver’s side tail light assembly on a 05 Avalon? Somebody was nice enough to break mine. I want to see if It is simple enough to change myself vs. paying the dealer whatever ridiculous fee they want to change a $100 piece.
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According to the factory repair manual, replacment willl not be simple. There are three nuts accessible from within the trunk after removing the trim panel, plus 2 bolts located below the light assembly but behind the rear bumper cover. It looks like the factory-recomended way to get to those lower bolts is to first remove the rear bumper.

In my experience, it is virtually impossible to remove the rear bumper without breaking some of the blind retaiiner clips located at the horizontal seam between the quarter-panel and bumper. Best to have extras beforehand.
Wow Solar GTS - that's pretty clever. You are very smart.
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