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help w/ maint. reqd. light

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does anyone know how to reset the maintance required light if so please let me know i dont want to take this dam car to the dealer all the time. i have a 2006 toyota corolla S. please help anyone.....thanks
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As in the Check Engine light? You want to be sure as to what is triggering this light... failure to do so will most likely void your warranty very quickly.
i found out how too

not the check engine light its the maintance reguired light and this light is basically for oil changes to remind you when its due. and to reset this light all you do is make sure the odomator is on odomator and not on trip a or b when its showing your real mileage turn the car off and then hold in the trip button and turn car on to acc. the odomator will go through dashes and then it will show your real mileage after this turn the car off and let go of the button to show your odomator and trip a and b. make sure you hold in the button all through out the transaction and then the light will reset itself.

thanks all well if this helps other besides me i hope it does. thanks again.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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