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Help W/ The Hood

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Has anyone out there added gas springs to hold up thier hood; or do you know of DIY site for this mod on Gen 9 Corolla. thanks.
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Anybody have any photos of this mod? Or know what size springs to use? Any info would be appriciated.
I've been thinking about doing the same thing, my hood prop is a pile of &*$# and this is what I've been thinking of doing, on the cheap: take two struts off the hatch of a corolla station wagon in the yard. they're designed to hold the hatch (probably heavier that the hood) up horizontally. They're pretty tough.

Just a thought. :cool:
maybe grab the strut things off a 92-96 camry? i bet theyd be really easy to deal with
Thanks. I'll look in some junk yards. Hard to believe nobody has made this mod. seems so simple and much better than the prop stick. My tundra has the struts.
Check out the 89-94 Maximas too, I bet they wouldn't be too hard to fit in either.
its a lot harder than some of you think as you MUST line up the gas strut exactly as if it is not the hood will not close and stay open right.......
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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