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Help...Which kit is better?

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I'm buying a fiberglass body- kit next week, and i know that kits are made of different material. I was just wondering which one is the best, I don't know that much on the topic and I don't wanna make a mistake by buying this. Thanks!
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well.....basically, stay away from fiberglass unless you have to.....

but since most kits are made of fiberglass, and polyurethane is usually don't have much choice

but in the end, it goes like this....if you're buying from a shop that isn't a dealer for certain big companies, you're more than likely getting a knock-off, which are molds made of the original fiberglass kits

these kits are usually not very well made, they will crack eaier, are thinner, don't fit well, and need a lot of prep to be painted

in the end, you'll get what you pay for.
if you want to go safe, go directly to erebuni or their dealers to get the real kits
or carbon fiber.. just dont hit anything..
most kits out there are fiberglass. As the other have mentioned, f/g tends to be brittle. Your other choice is polyurethane. The problem with poly is the selection is limited and costs more than f/g.

I see you drive a 'trix. I don't know what's avail for your car, but stick to a reputable seller. Some kits have horrible fitment issues that could cost alot of money for custom work to correct the poor workmanship. Let us know how things go :thumbup:
:/ I wish erebuni had more styles for the 4th gen cam... the one on the site is so... "blah":disappoin
defintly get a real meal deal kit, i got a knock off from ViS racing, the holes lined up but it sticks out everywhere! i shoulda spent the money on a real kit, now im gunna have to anyway:rolleyes:
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