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Help with 1991 Celica GTS

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I was wondering if anyone has experienced same. Driving down interstate car starts slowing down like pushing on brake but am not...pull over to shoulder put in 1st try to take off and acting like parking brake would be on...but it's not..just had clutch replaced actually picked up yesterday afternoon...problem happened on way to work this am....Don't know what this could be or really where to start...Any help appreciated...She is my baby, not trashed out...have had her since 91, 1st clutch and 1 altenator replaced...mechanic says she is in beautiful shape, really taken good care of her. Again, any help appreciated
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They didn't install clutch correctly or parking brake cable broken.
Any funny noise?
hmmm.. could be something wrong with the calipars possibly? i had something similar with my gts rolla. took it back to the mechanics and the calipars were completly defective
Check the ebrake cable. It could be seized. I had the same thing happen on mine. Had to replace the cable, and it solved the problem.

You could be dragging the rear tire, if this is the case. your tearing the tire to hell. Get it checked out asap, you could be doin some damage.
Thanks for all of your reply's...mechanic called and said it was the "Brake Power Booster" you have all figured I know next to nothing about vehicles and thus must depend on him...Problem is that he says it may be week to 10 days before part even in...says its not even built yet??? I'll keep everyone updated that is if I ever get her back...been down approx 3 weeks already...
Anyway, thanks again...
He is having the brake booster repaired, he has to ship it to the shop, shop works and test it and sends it back to your monkey; he then has to install it, purge the lines and bla bla bla.
It will all depend on how much work the brake shop but IMHO 10 days is too much.
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