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Help with 91 previa timing.

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Yes I searched. Maybe someone can help. I need to know how to ajust the timing for smog. Please help fast. Would like to do it tonight. Thanks in advance
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Well after 18 views no responce I guess it's a lost couse. Chilton isn't avalibul so was asking. Taking it to another shop tomarrow. Maybe Easyer sence I do have a Brocken hand at this time.

But I don't trust the place I went to. He fought with me saying I had modifyed headers on the van. WTF it's stock. Only car I have ever had that was stock. And it's been in the family sence new.
I am driving, but I will do my best. Factory spec is 5 btdc. You will need a paperclip to jump two terminals in the conector box under. The drivers seat. The sticker under the hood will tell you which ones. Timing must be done at 800rpm, so if you don't have a seperate tach, use a spiffy timing light that does. Hook your light pick up to the blue spark plug wire. That's #1 cyl. There are 2 10mm collar bolts.. Loosen, don't remove.. And two Torx / 12mm bolts holding the distributer in place. Loosen those, adjust timing, and tighten everything back up.
A second person is super helpfull cause you can't reach the distributer to adjust, and see the timing marks at the same time. You can try, but concider yourself warned.... Would hate to add third degree burns to an already broken hand

Good luck.
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