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Help with a 1988 Pickup windshield replacement

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I bought my 1988 pickup almost a year ago and I love it, but it came with a small crack in the windshield which got much bigger over the winter. I found a new windshield for it, but I figured I'd ask some experts before trying to put it in.

Is there a "best" way to go about it? How can I remove the trim around the windshield with as little bending as possible? Any help is much appreciated.

I'll also be doing some engine part replacement soon, so stay tuned for questions about that too.

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the bottom should be held in with screws and clips, it must be removed first, the sides unclip next, and the top you just have to replace basically. you will need a windhild glue/ windhield replaicement tool
Thanks very much, hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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