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Help with clutch on my 94

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I am looking for some direction on weather or not its possible to set up a paddle shift kit on my 94 4x4 pickup. I would like to do do this so my wife can drive the truck as she has a foot injury? Also so she could drive our 86 toyota motorhome as well other wise shopping for a auto pickup.
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what do you mean a paddle shift kit? like paddles to change gears or paddles to push the clutch. changing gears would take a lot of money and wouldn't help with the foot thing so I'm guessing you mean the clutch... yes it's possible all it takes is a little ingenuity. question though, if one hands on the clutch, the other on the shfiter, whos driving?
Unless you go all custom I think you are SOL.

Might be better off to sell the pickup or swap in an automatic. Beware the auto's in these trucks were not very good. Lost power, heavy as hell.. etc.
you're way better off buying her an auto car instead..
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