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Help with creaking/popping noise on XLE

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Ok hopefully someone can help. I have an 05 Camry XLE and there is a very apparent creaking noise like plastic or weatherstripping from the drivers and passsenger side doors. I cant pinpoint where it was coming from. Any ideas please before I go insane? Thanks
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the door, door panel and the fittings are touching somewhere at a place that is affected by body flexing.
Here is what i would try - Use a little silicone spray at places you suspect the noises are coming from, if noise disapears from that spot you know youve found one of the problem areas. The silicone wont last forever and also it will stink up the inside of your car like sin but it will give you a clue on what to do next and where to do it.

If/when the noises come back, first remove the door panel, carefully, not an easy job so take your time. (online manuals from this site). I'd try silicone sealer or even a caulking gun and caulk from home depot (i think they make it in clear) and use it in between the door and the panel or wherever your silicone spraying told you is a noisy spot. (I wouldnt think you have to go all the way around the door, just at the contact points...).

Before going nuts and squirting caulk on everything, id just do it in a few places experimentally - because right now maybe it is making so much noise you cannot pinpoint where it is all coming from. Replace the door panel temporarily and see what difference it makes in the noise, then go from there.
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Thank you

Thanks lot for the tips. Any ideas on where to send me on here to find out how to remove the door panels? Thanks again, Chuck
There is a link in the stickies for the online manuals " - something" - but this link no longer works - a search here turned up a bunch of dead links, maybe some one knows a good link for online factory manuals?

If not, a Haynes manual is the next best thing, most pep boys and book stores sell them - (forget any manuals from Chilton - full of wrong information and badly written in my experience - )

I know I checked the online manuals for something else about a week or 2 ago and now there dead. I will go out today and look for a Haynes manual and try that. Thanks.
So CRW did you have any luck with fixing the noise problem?
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