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Help with Dropping my engine

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Alright, I have pretty much finished with the underneath part of the car by taking out the cross bars and part of the frame that was in the way for the engine to be pulled out.

What I need help with is the location of the bolt to drain the coolant from the block of the engine. Every picture I have seen of where it would be located is a bit difficult to tell and since i do not turbo I have no clue where it would be.

The other part I need help with is what exactly do i need to disconnect from the engine? I have already unplugged the a/c compressor and the hosing that goes along with it, and the cables for the o2 sensor and diagnostic box.

What else needs to be disconnected from the engine to drop it?
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what engine do you have? 3sge? 3sfe? 5sfe? 4age? you must be specific for some one to help you further
i believe its a 5s did you take out the out all the ground wires i made the mistake of drpping mine and for got to undo those grounds and had to buy new ones
It is a 5SFE, and I am not entirely sure I have have done all the ground wires, probably havent though.
make sure everything is unlugged and not still attached :thumbsup:
I hope that i will get that done, just really worried since I am by myself.

I have looked online and alot of the guys just use a pry bar between the axle and the tranny, is that a good way to seperate it?
I hope you have a good manual if you're gonna do this. Get some masking tape and a sharpie and tag EVERYTHING. Put bolts back into the holes they came from (where you can) and there will be no question where it goes.
I use all types of boxes/containers to put parts in and label them.
example: when you remove the throttlebody, put all the bolts and parts related to it in a container and label it. You get the idea.
Well my dad came home and wasnt happy about the mess, so I am going to put things back together and have it taken to the shop next week to be fixed.



The Original Replacement

As you can see in the After picture the Front of it broke and now is stuck between the frame and rest of the crankshaft. The replacement I originally got I believe is from a Camry around the same year with the same engine 5SFE, however the back of the pulley on the camry replacement looks alot smaller than the original back end part on the engine. I am not sure if that makes a huge difference or not. But I was told it would fit on my car since they do share the same engine.
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