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Help with instrument cluster!

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Hey, I am new to the forums.
I have searched and searched before posting this.

I have a 2001 rolla 5spd. It has no Tach on the cluster so I bought a aftermarket tach. I was wondering if the wire harness for the clusters with and without a tach is the same. When I took out the gauges I see that there are two "plugs" like the ones going into the back of the instrument cluster unused. Would one of these contain all the wires I need to hook up my new tach?

Thank you very much.
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From what I have read, it looks like the Tach lead should be included in one of the three plugs that go into the back of the gauges.

Does anyone have and schematics of the harness?


There are 4 plugs going into the back of the cluster, not 3. Here is a picture I have taken if it helps out any... I will post in a few min.
Here they are.

Front of cluster.

Back of cluster.

behind cluster in dash. Here you can see the too "plugs" that go nowheres.

Here is new tach.

thank you :)
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hmm no body knows?

Can anyone just tell me which wire off the Distributor I hook up to the tachometer lead on the aftermarket tach?

Nobody can help me?? :(
just pay a grease monkey 40$ and they will fix it for you.. its sad but sometimes in life u have to bite the bullet and let some mechanic touch ure car
Thanks for the reply.

Nah, it is not a hard install at all. IF I can find the wire that sends the tach signal to the harness in the dash. The thing is, if I get a mechanic to do it, what do I learn?

I will buy a repair manual, but I can't find any local for my year range. grr.
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