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My friend's 1998 Camry (5S-FE) I believe came back from the dealer with the problem P0141, or o2 sensor heater circuit malfunction, bank 1 sensor 2. I assume this simply means one of the O2 sensors has gone bad? From the sensor 2 part I further assume it is the rear one? Any thoughts on this?

The dealer wrote down "nees vsv valve." That means nothing to me, so any help is much appreciated. Thanks guys!

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CAUTION: If ECM replacement is instructed in following testing, always
ensure ECM connectors and ground circuit are okay. If either
are suspect, repair and repeat testing to confirm ECM

NOTE: Bank No. 1 refers to bank that includes cylinder No. 1. Bank
No. 2 refers to bank without cylinder No. 1. Oxygen sensor No.
1 refers to sensor closest to engine block. Oxygen sensor No.
2 refers to sensor furthest away from engine block.


DTC P0141 is for bank No. 1, sensor No. 2. DTC is set when either of the
following conditions is present:

- Sensor heater current draw exceeds 2 amps.
- Sensor heater current draw is .25 amp or less when heater operates.

Possible causes are:

- Heated oxygen sensor open or short circuit. l
- Heated oxygen sensor heater.
- ECM.

Diagnosis & Repair

1.Access ECM behind glove box. Turn ignition on. On models with Calif.
emissions and except Calif. emissions with engine immobilizer system
and/or traction control, backprobe ECM connector and measure voltage
between ground and terminal No. 9 (Pink/Black wire) at ECM E8
connector. See Fig. 2. On except Calif. emission models without
engine immobilizer system and/or traction control, backprobe ECM
connector and measure voltage between ground and terminal No. 17
(Pink/Black wire) at ECM E7 connector. See Fig. 3.

NOTE: For information on engine immobilizer system, see

2.On all models, voltage should be 9-14 volts. If voltage is as
specified, replace ECM. If voltage is not as specified, turn ignition

off. Disconnect bank No. 1, sensor No. 2 connector. Connector is
located on underneath carpet on driver's side, near center console.
If may be necessary to remove driver's seat to access connector.
Using ohmmeter, measure resistance between terminals No. 1
(Pink/Black wire) and No. 2 (Black/Yellow wire) at oxygen sensor
3.If resistance is 11-16 ohms at 68°F (20°C), check wiring harness
between ECM and oxygen sensor. See appropriate wiring diagram in L -
WIRING DIAGRAMS article. Repair wiring as necessary. If resistance is
not 11-16 ohms at 68°F (20°C), replace oxygen sensor.

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you can search around on the site and find most info on anything even how to by pass the egr valve so you wount need the vsv. the vsv is a vaccume sensor valve. so basicaly it's the switch that controls the pressor to open and close your egr valve.
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