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hi i have a 1993 22re toyota pickup extended cab that i lifted and i put a front differential my 1989 22re toyota pickup regular cab pickup in it.

-i forget why i changed it i think something was stripped out on mine when i lifted it so i needed the other differential

-the problem is that when in 4-low i can creep a few feet and the truck will stop and if i give it gas and go past where it stops the rear tires will start digging into the dirt and spinning when the front ones are still creeping along slow.

- so my dad and friend think that the front axle i put in the truck has a different gear ratio then the rear axle that is in the truck

- so what do you think?

- i would really like to have an answer to this question also > are the gear ratios different in 1989 than in 1993 or are the extended cabs geared different than regular cabs

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Yeah you put the wrong gears in.. You probably have 4.56 rears and 4.10 fronts, or vice versa.

Look at the door jam of both trucks and see what they say, I guarantee they're different.

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Typically an 89 and 93 22RE/5 spd truck would have the same 4.10 gears.
But if one was an auto trans, or one had the factory 31" tire package (for example) the ratios would be different.
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