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help with Whiteline RSB

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Ive been trying to find an answer everywhere & cant seem to get one. i bought a whiteline rsb for my 98 camry V6, the yelloe bushings that came with the rsb are to big for the oem brackets. what the hell do i do????
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Which part # did you get?
BTR39 comes with the bushings and the brackets for them
How much "too big", do the bushings appear for the brackets? I just did the same Whiteline installation on my Gen3. (Gen3-4, use the same bar and brackets)

My old brackets were in rough but usable shape. (They were quite swollen by corrosion and dirt on the inside) I had to chisel, wire brush, scrape, quite a good sized layer of crud and corrossion from the inside of the OEM brackets to allow them to fit properly over the yellow, polyurethane bushings supplied by Whiteline with my bar. (They didn't supply new brackets):disappoin

I think I might replace my old brackets with new ones eventually. This bar really does some impressive work on the handling, and is dealing with some heavy forces.:thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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