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I moved my steering wheel on my 81 Corolla Sr5 when the ignition was on the lock position and now my steering column is locked up! The key will NOT turn and neither will the steering wheel! I've been messing with this for an hour, trying to turn the wheel as I tried to turn the key(my dad told me it'd work). But it didn't work. ANY suggestions would be great!
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WHEW...glad that's over. Turns out my key finally died after 23 years of use:lol: . Weird though, I turned my car off, then moved the steering wheel, locked up, tried to turn the ignition, but the key didnt work anymore....:confused: . Oh well, at least my second key turned the ignition on the first try. Thank goodness for spare keys.

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I have that problem with all 5 of my keys... turns out the ignition barrel is on it's way out... got a new one sitting in my garage, but i dont want to put it in coz then i will need 2 keys :( usually tho, if you move the steering wheel in the opposite direction to the way you locked it with it should turn the key..
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