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Hey guys, wondering if I can get some help. 1999 Avalon 115k miles, my check engine light came on about 2 weeks ago. Seems that when I stop at a light etc. my rpm drops a little, enough to make the once smooth engine rattle a little-only noticeable by small vibrations in the car which disappear if I accelerate a little, bringing up my rpm. Also, when I release the brakes on the initial take-off(without accelerating), the car barely moves-no initial acceleration-unless I press on the accelerator. In addition, I went to autozone and received the following error code:
p1135-manufacturing control fuel air metering; pedal position sensor A circuit intermittent. I also noticed my fuel economy dropping. Any suggestions would be appreciated...
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o2 sensor on the bank near the fire wall. run a search on the site about that and there should be more than enought info and the o2 sensor can cause most of your problems if it doesnt post and another help question in the camry section.
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