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hey i have a 92 celica gt that i put the ct-26 turbo on, walbro fuel pump, pressure regulator, front mount intercooler, and a few other mods but am having huge problems... i bought a greddy e-manage and have attempted to hook it up but the user guide that comes with the e-manage dosnt list the 5sfe motor for the wiring diagrams. i despretly need to find out how its suppose to be wired because i now cant get it to start. so i know its isnt wired up right.. please let me know if any one have any ideas on this please.. thanks alot

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You should post in the hardcore forum with this one. Also I would PM TN member Wraith and ask him. If he doesen't know, I'm pretty sure he could point you in the right direction.
Wraith is running a Power FC so he would know.
WOW!!! DUDE!!! i need pictures of your intercooler setup!!!
you have a 5s-FE with a ct-26 bolted of with a 3sGTE exhaust mainfold right????
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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