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That is one nice old Celica. It looks like it is in amazing shape.

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Cool, dude. Fun car.

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No because then Razo will stick a 3SGTE in it and pretend that it's an MR2:lol:

Seriously though that's a nice car:thumbup:

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nope, no specific plans yet, school starts in a week so i can't really do anything drastic, I'm planning on replacing the valve cover gasket(leaks oil, not too badly though), fixing the exhaust manifold(it has a busted bolt at the top toward the windshield, makes a nice buzzing noise when I accelerate), and maybe finding some good front seats(mine are trashed), other wise I plan on keeping up on maintanance, keeping the interior clean and protected( thinking about tinting the windows to protect from the sun, is it worth it?)
Anything else will have to wait until I have another car to get around in, this one is my daily driver, luckily I won't be putting many miles on, maybe 8 miles a day, schools about 3 miles away and work is like half a mile. I can't really do a whole lot right now anyway,

school tuition+rent+food(the important one) = no money

17 credits + work = no time

no time + no money = no life :(

oh well, at least I have my celica:cool: . Thanks for the comments.
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